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About Me: I have a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition/Science. I am also an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer and ASFA Group Fitness Instructor and have been working in the fitness field for numerous years.  Throughout my training, I have encountered numerous gym members and clients that have come to me claiming they can “plank for a minute” or “they plank all the time”. I have found 9/10 people have poor for, and if you ask trainers will say it is the number one exercise that people do wrong.  Poor form can lead to unnecessary strain on the back and shoulders and increase risk of injuries. Some start with good form but it does not last long. I find myself constantly moving them up or down as they begin to fatigue. They make one of the two biggest mistakes. 1. Their butt goes in the air or 2.  It sags to the ground.

How it Came About:  Teaching group fitness with numerous people in one space, I can’t even count the amount of times I say, “butt up” “butt down” each and every class over and over. The main reply being “Is it really to high/low?” “I don’t feel it/didn’t even realize it”.  I then thought of all the mistakes I may be missing in such a high paced/loud environment. Then one day I had someone new to the gym come up to me after class and say “I have been planking at home because I read it is a good core exercise but my back hurts. What am I doing wrong?” She then shows me her plank. Her form was way off. It was then it hit me and started asking myself, “What do people at home, people that can’t necessarily afford personal trainers, people that want to start their fitness journey off with the number one core building exercise, what do they do?” “How do group fitness instructors know they are seeing each and every flaw in plank position when the class is full?”  This led to my invention/brand new to market, fitness product. After 1.5 years of researching/finding the right materials, getting the right weight and getting all the things necessary for both a new invention as well as starting up a company, The Plank Buddy/The Plank Buddy, LLC became a reality.

The Plank Buddy is a product created to keep a person in correct planking form thru their whole workout. Whether you’re new to planking, want to increase your planking time or advanced in planking but cannot tell when fatigue sets in, this product is for you. Simply set up the Plank Buddy and adjust the strap to your plank position. This is a one-time adjustment (if you are the only one using the belt) and then day after day you can use your Plank Buddy to increase your plank time and strength the RIGHT way!!! Remember, form is everything when it comes to seeing results from planking. If you don’t get a perfect form down you can forget about  “A Perfect Plank Everytime”.

Plank buddy is 4.5#, compact, easy to store. Take it with you to the gym, on vacation, it can go anywhere you go!

Jaime Popenhagen

BSN, ACSM PT, ASFA Group Fitness/Bootcamp, Strong, Mossa In the area and need a personal trainer? Contact me

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