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Introducing the Plank Buddy


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Adam B.

“I used to struggle with form when doing yoga especially plank. Once I started using the plank buddy my form has been incredible and my core has strengthened so much its made my workouts more enjoyable.”

Heather B.

“I have struggled with strengthening my core for years. My form was horrible and causing me to either drop my hips or arch my back. The Plank Buddy allows me to keep my body in correct alignment and perfect my form. I am enjoying performing planks again and it has helped improve my balance and posture while helping me to improve muscle definition.”

A Happy Planker

“When Jaime asked if I would be willing to write a testimonial about her product, I didn’t hesitate.  The plank buddy helped me to concentrate on maintaining proper body alignment during my plank exercise.  I try to do between a 5-10 minute plank everyday.  This product assists you in doing your plank correctly to get the best benefit.

A Happy Planker
Mallory J

Great product! I have been working out for many years and PLANK BUDDY has been a great addition to my routine! I thought I had pretty good form but quickly realized I couldn’t hold that form for very long. PLANK BUDDY is so easy to use and is a great way to work on form and proper body mechanics. I can really tell a difference in my core strength. I use the plank buddy at home, in the gym and bring it with me when I travel.

Mallory J
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