Everyone is looking to get fit. Whether it be they aren’t happy walking on the beach in a swimsuit, getting ready for the upcoming holidays, or come January, the dreaded New Year’s Resolution, everyone wants to be fit.  Number 1 on the list of wants are abs, mainly because of looks. However, abs aren’t only for looks, abdominal muscles do way more for the body than we realize.

Why do we want a Strong Core?

Strong abdominal muscles make everyday tasks easier, they help improve lower back pain, they help with posture, balance and stability. You have a lessened chance of muscle injuries, low back issues and fatigue with a strong core.  So how do we keep our cores strong and get those desirable abs?

The Plank

Planking is the number one exercise for core strengthening. It not only strengthens your core but also works the glutes, hamstrings, shoulders and back. Working so many different muscles groups along with the fact it can be done anywhere is what makes planking so popular. Sounds easy, Right?


Planks are also the number one exercise done incorrectly. Doing planks with poor form not only takes away all the benefits, it puts a person at risk for low back pain and shoulder pain.

Plank Buddy 

Plank Buddy was designed to keep a person in the desired planking form the whole time the exercise is being performed. This eliminates all the risks, while letting a person achieve the results desired. Taking a chance on poor form is not worth it. Plank Buddy ensures you get A Perfect Plank Everytime!

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